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Log On For Health is a project funded by the National Library of Medicine, coordinated by VCU and local literacy advocates, to produce a series of community education classes to boost skills for finding and using health information online.  

Patient Portals

Mobile Health Apps

Healthy Eating

Learn how to keep a record of your personal health history on a secure online system. Make appointments and send messages to health providers anytime, and have easy access to your list of prescriptions, tests and results. Discover Apps for computers, phones, and other mobile devices that can store your daily health records (e.g. blood sugar levels, blood pressure, diet or exercise habits) and send reminders to keep your health on track Make healthy food choices (e.g. variety, servings, and nutritional value). Rediscover the 5 food groups with online tools that help you find recipes and choose options for your best plates.


Health Insurance

Trustworthy Websites

Senior Health

Dive into online services and health education about the Health Insurance Marketplace and Medicaid Expansion. Practice with tools that estimate benefits and learn how to start an application.  Find websites you can trust for patient and family health information. See for yourself what makes a website trustworthy and what to think about when reviewing websites at home.   Meet SeniorNavigator, a local database that provides health and wellness information for seniors and caregivers. Find services you can search by zip code, city, or county.  


Video Intro to Log on For Health

Video Intro to Medline Plus

For more information, please contact the VCU Center on Health Disparities at 804-827-2075 or alisa.brewer@vcuhealth.org.

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Log on for Health has been added to the Community Engagement Toolkit of Case Studies and Success Stories by the Network of the National Library of Medicine (NNLM)

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