One tiny reason to quit

One Tiny Reason to Quit Campaign


Smoking is a leading contributor to low birth weight and prematurity, and these conditions are major risk factors for infant mortality. Many people need help to quit smoking, but they don’t know where to turn for the help. A communication campaign, One Tiny Reason to Quit, was developed to encourage pregnant African-American smokers in Richmond, Virginia to call 1-800-QUIT-NOW for free smoking cessation counseling and support. The quitline is funded by CDC through the Virginia Department of Health, the campaign was planned in cooperation with community partners, and the cost of the campaign and its evaluation was covered by an NIH P-60 grant to VCU.

One Tiny Reason to Quit used a variety of media channels. Its radio spot featured the voice of a child, because we learned from focus groups that a child’s viewpoint resonates with target audience members. Other media channels included bus advertisements, billboards in high-risk communities, and utility bill stuffers.  Trained volunteer outreach workers reinforced the media messages and gave pregnant smokers branded give-away items (e.g., lip balm, brochures, cell phone-shaped tins of mints).
The initial wave of the campaign lasted from June through September 2009. A second campaign wave ran from January through March 2011. Both waves resulted in statistically significant increases in calls to 1-800-QUIT-NOW from pregnant women in Richmond. 

Awards and Recognition:

  • One Tiny Reason to Quit was moved up in 2019 from a Promising Practice to a Best Practice by the Innovation Station, an evidence-based intervention database maintained by the Association of Maternal and Child Health Providers.
  • One Tiny Reason to Quit won the most promising program award from the Association of Maternal and Child Health Providers in 2013.
  • One Tiny Reason to Quit has been replicated in the Southeastern region of VA with the same finding by Dr Kennedy and partners.


Community Partnerships:

The following organizations provided support and guidance throughout the strategic planning process and campaign implementation:

• Richmond Healthy Start Initiative
• Richmond City Health District
 Virginia Department of Health
• Virginia Premier Health Plan
• Virginia Commonwealth University Health System
• Virginia Commonwealth University Health Sciences Library

Leadership (historic roles) 
Sheryl Garland, M.H.A.
Principal Investigator

May Kennedy, Ph.D.

Allison Sepulveda, M.A.
Program Coordinator

Susan Dubuque
Marketing Services

AMCHP description of One Tiny Reason to Quit - An Innovation Station Best Practice (including an archival copy of the Case Study).
One Tiny Reason to Quit Facebook page (where you can hear the radio spot)
Outcome article for evidence that this approach is effective. 

To order creative materials for a One Tiny Reason to Quit campaign in your area, contact: 

Susan Dubuque