Preterm Birth Prevention Project

The Preterm Birth Prevention Project (PBPP) was designed in collaboration with representative nurses, doctors, and outreach workers from the Richmond City Health District, alongside researchers, physicians and community advocates, and coordinated by the Center on Health Disparities at the Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU).

Project aims were to:

(1) collaborate with community partners in the development, conduct, and evaluation of preterm birth prevention,

(2) establish health information centers to aid communication and provide access to preterm birth and general health outreach and education, and

(3) to evaluate the effectiveness of community-based participatory research (CBPR) methods.

Announcement: Congratulations PBPP Partners! As of September 2017 - the health education module, Born Too Soon, has been copyrighted for public distribution.


PBPP Fast Facts


Funding for the PBPP comes from the National Institutes of Health and Health Disparities P60MD002256 (link coming soon).