Community Outreach

The goal of the Community Engagement and Outreach Core (CEOC) is to advance research on the promotion of women’s health and the prevention of preterm birth and associated infant morbidity and mortality.  This goal is being reached by focusing efforts on community participation, behavior modification, environmental, and public policy changes.   

The CEOC engages members of communities in Richmond experiencing health disparities associated with preterm birth as equal partners in the development of community-based health information resource centers that facilitate communication and provide access to an on-line repository of community outreach and education materials on preterm birth preventions and general health issues to the community partners.

Funding from the 2007-2012 grant was used to develop the "One Tiny Reason to Quit" communication campaign to encourage pregnant African-American women in Richmond to call 1-800-QUIT-NOW for free smoking cessation counseling and support.