The VCU CoHD positively impacts communities across the commonwealth through the development of programs that are focused on the needs of communities with health disparities.

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Our center’s research training programs recognize talented students and expose them to a variety of scientific and research approaches, systems for study, tools and technologies. Our pipeline includes programs at the undergraduate, postbaccalaureate, doctoral and  postdoctoral levels that are designed to identify talented underrepresented trainees, enhance basic science education of these individuals and provide mentored research experiences.

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To reduce health disparities by training a diverse and competent workforce, and by serving and engaging disparate communities

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Enhance research training opportunities

Increase the diversity of the health sciences workforce

Increase the quantity and quality of health disparities research through research, training and education initiatives

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Facilitate university and community engagement initiatives to address health disparities

Facilitate university and community partnerships through information sharing and partnership development that enable students, faculty, staff, organizations and communities to work together to reduce health disparities

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