Health Educational Research Opportunity for Teachers

Health Educational Research Opportunity - Teacher

The HERO-­T Fellow will participate in a two year experience consisting of two 8 week summer research experiences and a professional learning community (PLC) during the school year.  The mentored research experience is the core of the HERO­-T program.  Other components are included to enhance the research experience.  The overall experience will inform and enhance the Fellows’ teaching during the year. The program will consist of the following components:

•    The Laboratory Skills “Bootcamp”

•    The Mentored Research Experience

•    The CoHD Summer Research Symposium

•    The Workshop in Education: Translating Research to Curriculum Materials course

•    The Research Process course

•    The Professional Learning Community (PLC)


•    Valid Virginia credential with a minimum of three years recent teaching experience

•     Ability to participate in the required eight week research experience for two consecutive summers

•     Ability to participate in the monthly Professional Learning Community meetings during each subsequent academic year

•     Strong interpersonal, communication, and scientific inquiry skills

•     Exemplary classroom practice and leadership capacity

•     Credibility among teachers and administrators

•     Demonstrated commitment to personal professional growth and learning

•     Majority of teaching assignments must be in one of the following areas: Biology, Chemistry, Physics, or Earth Science


TO APPLY:          

Applicants must submit an on­line application through the Applicant Review Tracking and Evaluation System (ARTES) on the CoHD website. 

The application consists of four sections:

1)    A completed application form

2)    A personal statement addressing the following topics:

       a.    What is your vision of the role of a HERO-­T Fellow?

       b.    What strengths do you bring to the HERO-­T Fellow position?

       c.     What challenges do you anticipate in your role as a HERO-­T Fellow?

3)   A research statement to familiarize the search committee with the applicants prior research experience, if any, of working in a research laboratory or conducting research. If the applicant does not have previous research experiences, a research statement is not needed.

4)   A teaching statement including a description of past and current teaching responsibilities and how the applicant envisions translating their research experience to classroom practice.

5)   A resume that includes the following:

      a.   Colleges or universities attended

      b.   Educational degrees held, include major/minor

      c.   Type of Virginia teaching license, including endorsements

     d.    Total years of teaching experience

     e.    Teaching history in chronological order

     f.      Leadership experiences

     g.     Professional involvement

     h.     Awards and honors

6)   Two recommendations:

      a.   One from the applicants current principal

      b.   One from a peer colleague

If selected to serve as a HERO-T fellow, each applicant will be required to sign a Statement of Commitment.