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From NIH:

Exhibition Program from NLM

Learn about genetics by looking at the heritability of magical talents in Harry Potter, discover DNA’s use in forensic science, and more! This website for the Exhibition Program at the National Library of Medicine (NLM) offers K–12 lesson plans developed by classroom educators and other learning resources on a variety of topics in the history of biomedical science. These complement onsite and online exhibitions presented by the NLM.

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GeneEd: Genetics, Education, Discovery

Lesson plans, genetic educational materials, printable activity sheets, and other teaching resources for educators seeking to increase genetic and genomic literacy.

Cell Size and Scale

Science Education Drug Abuse Partnership Award (SEDAPA)

NIH’s National Institute on Drug Abuse funds innovative science education projects to teach varied audiences about neuroscience and the biology of drug abuse. Projects include interactive web games and materials to enhance middle school curricula. SEDAPA projects reflect partnerships between educators, researchers, and community groups.

From the NIH Director

Francis Collins, M.D., Ph.D., offers a message to high school graduates.

This video was requested by a motivated graduating senior at a high school in Ontario, but it speaks to students everywhere. May 19, 2011.


Featured Site

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NIAMS Kids Pages

Your childhood and teen years are a prime time to learn habits that will help you keep your bones, joints, muscles, and skin healthy for years to come.


Brain Research Curriculum

The Brain: A Sense of Self              Grades 7-8


National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences


National Institute of General Medical Services


Environmental Health Sciences   Educator Resources


NOAA Resources to Support NGSS

Carbon Cycling Resources


VA Department of Conservation and Recreation


Prince William County Public Schools – Detailed Curriculum Guide with Essential Questions and Vocabulary (better than a VDOE Curriculum Guide)


HHMI Biointeractive – Videos and lesson plans for various science topics


BBC UK Bitesize – Click on ALL SUBJECTS to search reading, interactive videos, and reviews on various content matter