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As you navigate our site, we hope you gain a better understanding of health disparities and how the initiatives developed by the Center are helping to eliminate inequities in health care. To learn more, you may want to start with the Vision, Mission, and Goals for the Center on Health Disparities. We also encourage you to pay special attention to our primary areas of focus:

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Center News 

Congratulations Martina Hernandez on receiving funding on the NIH Blueprint Diversity Specialized Predoctoral to Postdoctoral Advancement in Neuroscience (D-SPAN) Award (F99/K00)! Martina is an alumni of the IMSD Undergraduate program and is the first trainee to achieve this honor. Join us in celebrating Martina on this major achievement.
NIH Blueprint D-SPAN (F99/k00) 

Congratulations to Stephanie “Steph” Cull for being highlighted in the University College & Honors College profile on students earning a B.S. in Psychology and B.S. in Sociology with a minor in LGBT+ and queer studies. Steph aims to take what they have learned as an undergraduate researcher and continue to study LGBTQ+ issues, while expanding that to include LGBTQ+ people living with disabilities, as a graduate student in the Health Psychology Ph.D. program in the College of Humanities and Sciences next year. Steph is currently a scholar in the VCU IMSD Undergraduate program. Click here to learn more about Steph's experience!

Congratulations on your forthcoming graduation!

Class of 2022: One conversation led to exciting research projects and ‘a new passion’

“I’m not sure that I’d even be the person I am today if I had not done this research. It changed my way of thinking,” - Steph Cull, May 2022 Graduate


Congratulations to VCU alum Dr. Eliezer Rovira-Díaz for successfully defending his PhD in Immunology at Rutgers. 


Congratulations to Briana James for successfully defending her PhD "The Roles of Ceramides and ORMDL3 in Asthma Severity".  Briana is an alumna of the VCU IMSD PhD program. 


Congratulations to IMSD undergraduate and VCU alum Dr. Brittany Martinez for successfully defending her PhD on Biotech in Biology and Autoimmune diseases. 


Congratulations to our undergraduate and postbaccalaureate scholars on a stellar performance at the 2021 Annual Biomedical Research Conference for Minority Scholars (ABRCMS): 

Best Poster in Cell Biology - Ashley Cardenas, IMSD Undergraduate
Best Poster in Immunology - Likem Boney, VCU PREP
Best Poster in Microbiology - Brianna Dominguez, VCU PREP


Congratulations to Dr. Delisa Clay on her successful defense of her PhD at Duke University! Dr. Clay is an alumna of the VCU IMSD Undergraduate program.


Join us as we celebrate VCU IMSD Undergraduate Senior Trevohn Robinson’s drive and commitment to excel in Chemistry


CONGRATULATIONS to Virgie Fields and Briana James for breaking barriers and paving the way for equitable health care for all.


IMSD PhD Scholar Nixon Aruaz uses national fellowship to advance goal of reducing health disparities. 


IMSD scholar Stephanie Osei pursues her passion for medicine in the classroom and the lab.


Congratulations to PREP alumna Josly Pierre-Louis for winning the prestigious predoctoral training fellowship from the Ford Foundation!


Congratulations to Dr. Sarah Golding 

W woman wearing a face mask standing in front of a laptop. Behind her is another woman wearing a face mask.

The VCU Center on Health Disparities celebrates Dr. Sarah Golding for spearheading the Leaders for Inclusive Learning program. This faculty development workshop was designed to train instructors on how to best serve their students and lead systemic change. Click here to learn more. 

Congratulations to Dr. Molly Hyer

Women wearing lab coats and gloves in a research lab.

Dr. Molly Hyer is a part of the VCU Institute for Women’s Health BIRCWH grant leadership team. Dr. Hyer is a VCU IRACDA alumni. We are proud to celebrate her and her teams achievement on being awarded this prestigious grant. Read more here.


Congratulations to Dr. Mychal Smith and Dr. Joyce Lloyd

Dr. Mychal Smith and Dr. Joyce Lloyd received the NSF LSAMP Bridge to the Doctorate program to increase minority graduate STEM students at VCU. Click here to learn more. 

Diversity Speaker Series 

We would like to thank everyone for attending the Diversity Speaker Series sponsored by the Office of the Senior Vice President for Health Sciences and The Center on Health Disparities.  The next event in the Diversity Speaker Series will be in September so mark your calendar.  More details will be unveiled as the event get closer so please stay connected for updates on the next event. 

Changing the Face of Science 

The future of biomedical research depends on a diverse pool of well-trained scientists. Yet there is a clear disparity in the number of underrepresented individuals who become biomedical researchers.  Through our programs and community partnerships, the VCU Center on Health Disparities (CoHD) addresses this issue by identifying, preparing and nurturing underrepresented scholars for highly competitive doctoral programs and research careers in the biomedical sciences. Click on the link to see how we are Changing the Face of Science


A Talk With Dr. Thompson 

Dr. Thompson offered insight for students, "If I were to offer any advice to students, I would encourage all PhD students to pursue postdoctoral training..... Also, I would say that one should think about the type of institutions that they would like to work at and the type of research you would like to do for the rest of your life as an independent researcher...... When I was a postdoc at VCU, I wrote and submitted F32 or the K22 to NIH. Although neither oof these were funded, I got the first grant that I applied for when I became a faculty member at Howard. The grant writing and submitting experience at VCU was crucial for setting me up for success. "