Administrative Core

Administrative Core
Director: PonJola Coney, M.D.

The overall purpose of the Administrative Core of the CoEHDR is to develop and integrates existing resources as a means to ensure excellence in the Research, Training and Community Outreach Cores.

Specific Aims:

1) To provide administrative support for the CoEHDR activities, including:

  • Record keeping, including meeting minutes and documents, publications, etc.
  • Scheduling: organize and host all meetings of the Center, seminars and organizational activities.
  • Assist in preparation of manuscripts
  • Facilitate the flow of data and samples between projects and cores.
  • Disseminate information about research, research advances.
  • Maintain and ensure institutional protocols for medical research, personnel, and computer services.

2) To coordinate synergistic collaboration between the Project and Core PIs, co-investigators and Center personnel.

  • Assist Core directors, trainees, community contacts, students, and other interested parties in acquisition of information, preparation of presentations for meetings and research seminars, journal club, funding opportunities
  • Oversee recruitment of subjects for Projects 2 and 3.
    • Interact with Clinic leadership to identify potential subjects for the Project and address all polices and procedures for soliciting subjects for research.
    • Address any concerns, adverse events or difficulties encountered by the subjects in participating in the procedures and protocol
    • Assist research core personnel in the administration of informed consent, coordination and scheduling of blood collection from subjects.

3) To provide the CoEHDR financial management support

  • Review and reconcile institutional financial records and liaison with institutional financial offices.
  • Oversee accounting and budgets for the projects and cores.
  • Advertise positions, coordinate interviews and hire staff.
  • Oversee business transactions, reconciliation of University ledgers, preparation of monthly reports, and review the utilization and quality of core resources.
  • Purchasing supplies and equipment,

4) To prepare IRB approvals for required work and assure proper data security

  • Assurance of compliance in health, safety, and patient confidentiality.

5) To provide support for the development and education of students, and faculty in the CoEHDR programs.

6) Role in dissemination of information and external communication in liaison with the the Office of University Relations.

7) Oversee program evaluation.